Have you ever wished that :
 - There were 26 hours in a day?
 - Your dry-cleaning was collected and delivered to your home or office?
 - Kitty would take care of herself when you are away?
 - Your French teacher would come to you at the time and place
    of your choice?
 - You only had to turn up at your birthday party and not organise it?
These are just some of the wishes Multiplicity will realise for you.


Multiplicity is a personal concierge service for busy individuals, professionals, expatriates and locals. We help tackle endless "to-do" lists and address the need to balance work and fun in life. Let us handle those tasks and commitments so you can focus your valuable time on your top priorities!

You can browse our detailed list of services : Personal Assistant - Errands - Car - Driving - Pet services

Operating hours and coverage

Area of operationMultiplicity operates :

Monday through Saturday
from 8am to 8pm.

in the Canton of Geneva in 2 areas of coverage.

Services outside of these hours and areas can be arranged on request and may be subjected to a surcharge.

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You can reach Multiplicity by phone, email or through this website:
022 349 46 17
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