See our list of services. However it is by no means a complete list, so do not hesitate to ask us if the service you require does not appear below.

Multiplicity - Your personal concierge
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We will run around for you to free up more of your precious time and take charge of the things you wish you didnít have to do or have no time to do.

Pet services
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A beloved pet is the source of many delights but when it comes to travel or holidays, it can also be a source of concerns. There are many benefits to turning to pet-sitting for your furry friends.

Dry cleaning
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We offer to collect your clothes from either your home or your office, send it to the dry-cleaner, collect it when it is ready and return it to your home or office.

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With todayís fast paced life, it is often difficult to attend a regular class at a language school. We offer to come and teach you conversational French at the time and place of your choice. We are the ones adapting to your schedule and not the other way round.

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It’s a classic problem: You’re so busy putting out fires and managing your day-to-day life, you don’t have time to plan that birthday party, your wedding or other events.

We can help you plan, organise and manage events for you.

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You are leaving on holidays and you wonder what is the best way to get to the airport or train station? A taxi can be quite expensive, not withstanding the luggage surcharges. Driving your own car and leaving it at the carpark might also be costly.