How can you get the most value from a personal concierge – become a member!  With membership you get priority access to our time, and the guarantee that Multiplicity will always be there for you.

We offer services at two different rates. Regular clients can opt to sign up for a 12 months membership (CHF 420.-), which entitles them to the lower prices for our services.

Travel fee:

¼ hr for jobs starting within 3 km from Rue du Mont-Blanc, Geneva

½ hr for jobs starting more than 3km from Rue du Mont-Blanc within the Canton.

* pet-sitting: no travel fee will be added, time spent on location will be adapted accordingly.

* Dog-walking: no travel fee will be added to location within 3km from Rue du Mt-Blanc. ¼ hr added for locations further afield.

* boarding: no travel fee added if the pet is delivered/picked up.


Notice:                         minimum 24 hours, shorter notice requests may incur an “express service” fee.

                                    Cancellation fee (½ hr) can be charged for cancellation less than 12 hours ahead.

Service hours:

Monday to Saturday          

08:00 to 20:00

20:00 to 22:00

22:00 to 08:00

rates as above

20% surcharge on above

30% surcharge on above

Sunday/Public holidays                       

all day

40% surcharge on above

Area of operation


Canton of Geneva

Outside Canton of Geneva


price on request